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Recycling automotive catalysts

We are Elemental Asia Sdn Bhd, a part of the world major recycling group. We specialize in spent automotive catalysts recycling (sac). Our Asian branch was founded in 2019 as a continuation of Asian precious metals recycling and trading business.

The world's largest recycling group

Elemental Asia focuses on the wholesale purchase of ceramic and metal catalysts that contain the monolith, which contains the three precious metals Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. We price the material based on processing and laboratory tests.

We buy over 50 tons of monolith per month, it is assumed that we can obtain 0.7 kg of monolith from one catalyst.

We assist customers in transporting catalysts throughout Asia. Free transportation applies to Malaysia and Thailand.

By working with Elemental Asia you choose your final customer, bypassing the middlemen. We guarantee the highest monolith price.

Sell to World’s Largest and most trusted Recycler

Part of Elemental Holding Group Publicly traded since 2023

The #1 world's largest recycling group

Global - Operating in 6 Continents and 19 countries

We are the market leader in the Asian sector

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1. Ceramic catalysts
2. Metal catalysts

We buy ceramic and metal catalysts and recycle them. Customers who work with Elemental Asia have a possibility to fix the metal price. We guarantee that the price on the day of fixing will be the same as on the day of sale, regardless of the situation on the precious metals market.

Elemental Asia is sure to provide you with a competitive recovery rate.

In addition, working with us you avoid middlemen, which guarrantees you a higher price for the material delivered.

Where do
we purchase
converters from?

Elemental Asia in numbers:



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Main market Our network elemental asia Thailand PT Prime Recycling Indonesia elemental asia India elemental asia elemental EMEA Global TradeCenter DMCC

What do I need to do to access the price-fixing benefit?

All our suppliers are authorized to fix the price before delivery. We guarantee that the price won’t change until your delivery.


Do you buy whole converters only, or can they be powder?

We purchase both monolith and whole converters. Our suppliers are authorized to use the pricing APP to estimate the price.


Do I need to fill out a KYC form? Can you help?

Our assistant will help you to fill out the form during the online meeting. It only takes a few minutes.


Do you work with sellers from XYZ country?

We work with almost all Asian & Middle-Eastern countries – check our page with a map & details of supported & unsupported countries. If your country is
missing from the list, please contact us for more information.


My country is not on the list of supported countries. Is there any chance you'll expand there in the future?

We’re constantly expanding our services to more countries. If your country is not on the list, please send us text a message or call us.

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