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Elemental Asia has existed since 2019 as a follow-up to the Asian precious metals trading and recycling business. We deal with the wholesale purchase and recycling of metal and ceramic catalytic converters. We offer our clients the best prices on the market, which depend on several different factors.

First of all, we verify the catalytic converter in terms of the content of precious metals: platinum, rhodium, and palladium. The higher the content of these elements, the more valuable it is. Secondly, we determine the price based on the current exchange rate and the current prices of individual elements on the precious metal exchange.

A machine park equipped with state-of-the-art devices allows us to prepare a quick quote. We possess spectrometers and ball mills necessary for grinding ceramics. A qualified team of employees will efficiently and professionally take care of each client with an individual approach to their needs. Our company carries out all works are carried with care for the natural environment and in compliance with applicable health and safety rules.

At Elemental Asia, we care not only about the environment and employees, but first of all about our customers. We invite you to visit the company’s headquarters, where we will perform a careful, initial verification of the offered catalytic converters. As one of very few companies, we offer our clients 100% of the material value.

In order to understand the idea of our company better, it is worth discussing a few of the most important factors:

Car catalytic converter - what does it do?

A car’s catalytic converter is an element of a car's exhaust system. Its main purpose is to reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases emitted into the environment.

As the name suggests, a catalytic converter is a device that catalyses a chemical reaction, but does not take part in it. A catalytic converter's operation depends on precious metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium), which form the coating inside the converter. These metals neutralize the substances contained in exhaust gases, thus reducing their toxicity.

Car catalytic converters are currently found in all manufactured cars, which is required by the law. Car catalytic converters are also increasingly often installed in other motor vehicles and machines that take advantage of an engine drive. Our task is to recycle precious metals from the catalytic converters described above. In this way we combine elements of ecology with the latest technology.

There are two advantages to recycling catalytic converters. The first one is environmental protection, and the second is the financial benefit. We guarantee reliability and accuracy from the very beginning of our cooperation.

Choose Elemental Asia



We buy metal and ceramic catalytic converters wholesale. We provide free transport in Malaysia and Thailand. As for all other countries, we are happy to support the shipping process.


Higher recovery

High standards guarantee the maximum recovery of precious metals from catalytic converters, and thus a greater sale profit. We perform the initial analysis of the delivered goods at our headquarters in Malaysia. Then, we send the processed material to our independent laboratories in Europe.



We perform the valuation based on the current market prices for precious metals and the currency exchange rates. We pay 100% of the value of the goods. Our regular customers have the option of fixing prices, thus blocking the price. When the market value drops, the price at Elemental Asia remains at a fixed, previously set level.

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