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What is the value of a catalyst converter?


Why Does a Catalytic Converter Have a Honeycomb Structure?


The reasons why platinum is so valuable


Investing in Precious Metals – A Beginner’s Guide

Everyone who has savings wants to put them in a safe place or have the opportunity to multiply their wealth.The ever-increasing inflation negatively affects the contents of the portfolio, shrinking…


Benefits of investing in platinum

Investing in precious metals, right next to storing savings in foreign, stable currencies, is one of the most popular ways for investing capital. More and more people are reaching for…


Investment in palladium, or how to cope during the crisis

Economies around the world are facing an economic crisis. The ever-increasing inflation reduces the value of money, which negatively affects our savings.


How to replace a catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter is an incredibly crucial element of an exhaust system in a vehicle. It allows for the reduction of toxic fumes emitted into the atmosphere.


How does a catalytic converter work?

Cars producers are obliged to respect regulations concerning fumes emission. Introducing guidelines in this aspect has resulted in improving the vehicles’ construction and in adding an element transfusing fumes to…


Record-breaking prices of palladium and platinum in 2022

Palladium and platinum are precious metals that are active catalytic materials, which are part of an automobile catalytic converter.


Types of catalytic converters

The structure of cars has changed over the past decades. The use of new technologies is aimed at not only improving the comfort of their users, but also to minimise…

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