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group metals

Mainly platinum, palladium and rhodium, stimulate carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust fumes to react, which results in reduced emissions of harmful compounds. The content of PGM in automotive catalyst inserts on average varies between 0.2-0.3%, this level depends on the age of a car and the type of fuel burnt.

Catalyst recycling processes are aimed at recovering precious metals for reuse. Recycling of automotive catalysts enables recovery of up to 95% of platinum content, it also saves significant amounts of energy as compared to traditional mining (processing of 1 ton of spent catalysts prevents the extraction of 150 tons of ore or alternatively 400 tons of waste rock).

Elemental Asia Services

Our company delivers full service of processing and refining. It's possible thanks to advanced technology and highest possible operating standards.
We use modern, well checked machines and a laboratory to deliver fast service and best price.

Two main types of catalysts


Ceramic catalyst

In simple terms, they consist of a stainless steel housing and a ceramic insert whose surface was sprayed with metals from the platinum group metals (PGM).

The ceramic catalyst has high resistance to high temperatures. The elastic layer protects and seals the core, and the outer layer consists of a metal casing made of sheet metal. Ceramic catalytic converters are found in older cars.


METAL catalyst

Constructed of a metal block made of layers of corrugated foil, forming a channel network, which, like in the case of a ceramic catalyst insert, contains PGM.

A metal catalyst is constructed of a thin metal strip of heat-resistant chromonickel steel. Metal catalysts reach the right temperature for the purification process faster, have high mechanical strength, and can withstand high temperatures.

Production capacities

Modern machine park enables us to process monolith quickly and effectively. We have mills with a capacity of up to 1.5 tons. As one of the few companies we have a machine to process metal catalysts. We care about the highest standards of service for our suppliers.

Platinum group metals

Spent Aut motive catalyst

A spent metal catalyst contains a ceramic or metal support enclosed in a can. The function of the catalyst is to oxidize carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and reduce nitrogen oxides. There are two types of catalysts ceramic and metal.

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