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What do I need to do to access the price-fixing benefit?

All our suppliers are authorized to fix the price before delivery. We guarantee that the price won’t change until your delivery.


Do you buy whole converters only, or can they be powder?

We purchase both monolith and whole converters. Our suppliers are authorized to use the pricing APP www.eacats.biz. to estimate the price.


Do I need to fill out a KYC form? Can you help?

Our assistant will help you to fill out the form during the online meeting. It only takes a few minutes


Do you work with sellers from XYZ country?

We work with almost all Asian & Middle-Eastern countries – check our page with a map & details of supported & unsupported countries. If your country is
missing from the list, please contact us for more information.


My country is not on the list of supported countries. Is there any chance you'll expand there in the future?

We’re constantly expanding our services to more countries. If your country is not on the list, please send us text a message or call us.


What is your recovery rate?

In short – it depends. Please contact us for more details, and our team will prepare a detailed offer.


What kind of partnership programs do you offer?

We help your business to grow with us. As a part of the world’s largest recycling group, we offer multiple solutions and create a plan of cooperation to help
you become a leader in your local market. Get in touch and find out how.


What's the payment method? How will you pay me?

We pay via bank transfer only—no cash arrangements.


What's the current Rhodium (Rh) price?

The Rhodium price changes daily. Get in touch with us to get the best & latest Rhodium quote.


What's the sampling time? How long does it take to receive the report with results?

Sampling takes only a few hours. You can get your report the same day (or up to 72 hours after arriving at your facilities.)


Can you help me arrange the transportation?

Yes, we provide free transportation from Thailand & Malaysia.

  • In other locations, we cooperate with trusted forwarders to help you arrange transportation and negotiate the best rates.

How do you test the catalytic converters?

We test it using XRF (X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers) and ICP ( Inductively Coupled Plasma) in our in-house laboratory—guaranteed 99,99% accuracy.


How long must I wait to receive money for my catalytic converters?

Whole converters – payment at pick-up time

  • Monolith – within 1-3 days

Can you pay me/us in advance?

For our long-term suppliers, we offer advance payments


Can I sell to you, even if I don't have a business entity?

Yes, currently, we can invoice individual sellers in Thailand & Indonesia who don’t have registered businesses. For other countries, contact us and find out


How do you calculate the price of my catalytic converters?

Your price is calculated based on the current market price minus processing and refining costs.


Do you buy metal converters too?



Do you offer pre-payments? How do I qualify for them?

Yes, for long-term suppliers and partners.


What are your Terms & Conditions?


What are the requirements to become one of your partners?


How does the sampling report look like? Where will I receive it?

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